Presentation on implant dentistry by Dr. Masa Anzai

Presentation on implant dentistry by Dr. Masa Anzai

The other day, at a study session of dental implants, I gave a presentation on the management of gum and bone surrounding dental implants.


The position of implant is crucial to achieve a stable implant and its surroundings, and in some cases, tissue transplant or regenerative therapy will be necessary.


Just as daily maintenance of your teeth is important for keeping your gum and teeth healthy, maintenance is also very important for dental implants, to prevent them from having periodontal diseases.


Implants protect, and are protected by, the remaining teeth from excessive bite force.


Therefore implants need, as well as the remaining teeth, thorough maintenance. 


At Anzai Dental Office OHP Implant center, ITI Implant specialist is willing to make a thorough plan from the management of the bite to the implant and its maintenance.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any concern regarding your teeth.


Dr. Masa Anzai

ITI Implant specialist

Chariman of Anzai Dental Office